Event: Communication

Date: 3 February 2019

Organizer: Future Learner

Presenter: Hilary Collins

Hilary Collins who will lead this workshop she is a strategic design academic. Hilary in this workshop she talked about communication in a wide range and from all aspects. Before I attended this course, I felt a little excited for this workshop because I am not used to attending this kind of activities especially if it is online. I was feeling curious to have a new experience and regardless of how much this experience will be simple. In the other side, I had an opposite feeling about this workshop which made me refrained to accomplish it that I have to do it for an educational purpose that I will be a grade for it which made feel stress and worry while I am doing it.


Analysis of learning:


The main subject of this workshop was about communication as a whole. Communication is the essence of work in business the effective communication is the key of success, the good communication is mitigating conflict and increase employee engagement and much more reason that will lead the organization to success and achieve its goals (Bosworth, 2019). The workshop is divided in four weeks each week included a variety of articles and videos. Communication is the reception of information from the sender to the receiver (Eyre, 1982). I learned that there is two type of communication, the first one is rich media and the second is lean media, rich media is when the participants can reply to each other right away (Alfecha, 2019).




It is the most preferred ways for me especially the open meeting that is easier to communicate your passion and how you feel to your team via open meetings (Belonwu, 2018). The meetings also have types, which are information, team, brainstorming, and decision-making meeting (Aurik, 2016). I learned also that to make a successful meeting is to be well prepared and to has specific objectives it cannot be done randomly, also the meetings is not a responsibility that is limited to the manager or leader it is a shared responsibility between the manager and team members. There is also a piece of very important information that I will be more careful with it in the future which says that when you are in meetings that include people out of your area of study to not use terminology from your specialty that they cannot understand. In addition, when you have people from different cultures make sure to know what the accepted behavior for them.




This was the most important information in the first week that I have learned and found it interesting for me. The second week was about the presentation, and it included much information that I already have known before, but there are some interesting points that I thought might help me in the future. One of them is when I identify my target audience I have to know the size of my audience, who is in my audience and how much knowledge they have about the topic of the presentation (Sennhauser, 2015). Another point that I will be considers it when I have a presentation is that I do not have to use many colors or for the context to be too long and to be as simple as possible.

The third week included so many important topics and information about communicating using the e-mails in the work and how to write an e-mail in a professional way. First, the context of your e-mail should not be too long it has to include a brief of the subject or problem because the addresser will not be able to read all the e-mails that he will receive especially those who have such a long and complex context. Second, is when your e-mail is to communicate a problem and it proposes to find a solution the most useful way to help in that case is to use SCRAP structure which is included situation, complication, resolution, action, politeness (vitulli, 2016).


Evaluation of learning:


This workshop was very effective for me from many aspects, communication is not a new concept for me I and I know how it can be but after this workshop there is so many things that changed in my mind, the definition of communication became broader. I learned how I could use communication more effective in my study or my career in the future to achieve my goals. One of the things that I learned it from this workshop is that the communication is divided to Rich media and lean media, I already know that e-mail, social media and meetings are tools to communicate but I did know how they could be divided. This workshop actually exceeds my expectations did not think so that it will be useful for me that much it included so many activities such as articles, videos, quizzes and exercises which help me to benefit and to have fun in the same time.

This course made me rethink of my communication how it should be and how can I develop it to be more effective and more professional in order to achieve my goals either in my college with my colleagues and teachers or in the work in future with my co-workers and managers.


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